Who We Are

Board of Directors

Prof. Peter Turchin*, Chair (evolutionary anthropologist at the University of Connecticut and the Evolution Institute)
Prof. Harvey Whitehouse* (anthropologist at the University of Oxford)
Dr. Pieter François* (historian at the University of Hertfordshire and the University of Oxford)
Dr. Thomas E. Currie (anthropologist at the University of Exeter)
Dr. Kevin C. Feeney (computer scientist at Trinity College Dublin)

*Founding Director


Dr. Daniel Hoyer, Project Manager (the Evolution Institute)
Jill Levine, Project Coordinator (the Evolution Institute)
Edward Turner, Data Coordinator (the Evolution Institute)

Variables Coordinators and Consultants

James Bennett (University of Washington): information technology, mathematical models
Prof. Jutta Bolt (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen): economic development
Prof. Christopher Chase-Dunn (UC Riverside): settlement and polity sizes and locations
Dr. Thomas E. Currie (Exeter): coordinator for resources, agriculture, and population variables
Dr. Kevin C. Feeney (Trinity College Dublin): information technology coordinator
Dr. Pieter François (Hertfordshire, Oxford): historical coordinator
Prof. Sergey Gavrilets (NIMBioS, University of Tennessee): social and biological evolution, mathematical models
Prof. Jack A. Goldstone (George Mason): institutions, economic and political development
Prof. J. G. Manning (Yale): social science history
Dr. Gavin Mendel-Gleason (Trinity College Dublin): information technology
Prof. Masaki Yuki (Hokkaido University): relational mobility
Prof. Peter N. Peregrine (Lawrence): archaeology
Dr. Frances Reynolds (University of Oxford): rituals
Prof. Peter J. Richerson (UC Davis): cultural evolution, institutions
Prof. Enrico Spolaore (Tufts): institutions, economic development
Dr. Robert Thomson (Hokusei Gakuen University): relational mobility
Prof. Peter Turchin (UConn, EI): social complexity and warfare coordinator
Prof. Jan Luiten van Zanden (Universiteit Utrecht): economic development
Prof. Romain Wacziarg (UCLA): institutions, economic development
Prof. Douglas R. White (UC Irvine): database development, statistical analysis
Prof. Harvey Whitehouse (Oxford): ritual and religion coordinator
Prof. David S. Wilson (Binghamton): evolutionary science

Regional Editors

Egypt: Prof. J. G. Manning (Ancient); Prof. Andrey Korotayev (Islamic)
Mesopotamia: Prof. Arkadiusz Marciniak (Neolithic)
Eastern Mediterranean: Dr. Johannes Preiser-Kapeller (Late Antiquity)
Mongolia: Prof. Nikolay Kradin
Northern China: Dr. Daniel Hoyer
Latium: Dr. Daniel Hoyer (Ancient)
Cambodian Basin: Dr. Daniel Mullins
Susiana: Dr. Alessio Palmisano
Oaxaca: Prof. Charles Spencer
Low-Complexity NGAs: Dr. Daniel Mullins
Galilee: Dr. Oren Litwin
Crete: Dr. Kostis Christakis

Postdoctoral Research Associates

Dr. Bojan Božić
Dr. Chris Kavanagh
Dr. Christina Collins
Dr. Stephanie Grohmann
Dr. Daniel Hoyer
Dr. Marta Krueger
Dr. Gavin Mendel-Gleason
Dr. Daniel Mullins
Dr. Robert Ross
Dr. Patrick Savage

Graduate Students Associated with the Project

Rudolf Cesaretti
Alice Williams

Research Assistants

Eva Brandl
Alessandro Ceccarelli
Enrico Cioni
Thomas Cressy
Agathe Dupeyron
Odhran Gavin
Greine Jordan
Jenny Reddish


Kiran Basava
Giuseppe Innamorato
Dennis Spencer
Olga Turchin (social media)
Danilo Vaz

Past Volunteers, Research Assistants, and Coordinators (PDF)