Sample Polity Sheets

Each Natural Geographic Area (NGA) in our World Sample 30 is divided into specific historical societies, or polities. Seshat defines a ‘polity’ as an independent political unit. Kinds of polities range from villages (local communities) through simple and complex chiefdoms to states and empires. Every polity that ever occupied or controlled part of an NGA is included in our database. Information is gathered concerning the polity as structured by the Codebook, and every coded Polity Sheet is entered into our databank for analyses. Here we offer example coded Polity Sheets to illustrate how our data collection works in practice.

The Polity Sheet for the Roman Principate polity, which occupied several of our NGAs (Latium, Paris Basin, Upper Egypt, and Konya Plain) from 31 BCE to 284 CE, can be accessed here: Roman Principate Polity Sheet