Seshat’s Alessio Palmisano featured in news doc “Isis and the Missing Treasures.”


As the war in Syria continues, Isis reaps profits from the illegal sale of antiquities looted from Syria and Iraq. Syrian and Iraqi antiquities are now on sale in London, the second largest antiquities market in the world. In Channel 4’s Dispatches news documentary “Isis and the Missing Treasures”, journalist Simon Cox assembles a team of historians and archaeologists to track down stolen antiquities in London.

Seshat collaborator and University of London research associate Dr. Alessio Palmisano and Professor August McMahon of Cambridge University go undercover in the documentary to investigate a suspect lintel on sale in London. They suspect that the lintel, a stone block decorated with carvings, was stolen from a building in Nawa, an ancient town in Syria. Dr. Palmisano and Dr. McMahon’s interactions with the antiquities dealers can be seen in the full documentary, available streaming to those in the UK. We’ve also put together a short preview of the segment:



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