Seshat: Global History Databank reaches over 200,000 datapoints


The Seshat Global History Databank has now passed 200,000 coded datapoints. To put that number in perspective, there are about 500,000 words in the English language, 10,000 observable stars in the sky, and 5,000 mammal species on Earth.

Each bit of data has a spatial-temporal location within one of Seshat’s 34 Natural Geographic Areas (click here for a sample of Seshat data). Out of the total 200,000 number, 174,000 datapoints are from polities and the rest relate to Agriculture, Population, Resources, Economy, and Technology variables.

Due to the innovative way we store every Seshat datapoint in graph form, according to the Seshat ontology, each has on average about 25 triples (relationships with other data), which means the Seshat triplestore currently has 5 million triples.

Not yet measured are our coded internal wars, power transitions, and impressive/complex building data, and work on crop yields and carrying capacity and specific archaeological regions.

Seshat code

A section of the Seshat ontology


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