Data Browser Releases

Date Download
2017-04-10 Web-release only - no downloads
2018-04-02 2018 Dataset Release - Social Complexity variables. Formats: RDF (Turtle), CSV (Archived, available on request).
2020-03-20 “Equinox-2020” Dataset Release - General, Social Complexity, Warfare, and Religion variables.
2020-05-18 "Equinox-2020" Dataset Update - Minor issues fixed.
2020-10-23 "Equinox-2020" Dataset Update - Minor issues fixed.
2021-3-29 "Equinox-2020" Dataset Update - Minor issues fixed.
2021-8-03 "Equinox-2020" Dataset Update - Minor updates
2021-10-12 "Equinox-2020" Dataset - Religion variables updated.
2021-12-14 "Equinox-2020" Dataset - Minor updates. Format: CSV. Definitions: Equinox Code Book

Attribution & Licensing

Please include the following text in any publication using these data:

This research employed data from the Seshat Databank ( under Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial (CC By-NC SA) licensing. The Equinox dataset is an openly accessible file stored on Zenodo under the doi:

and cite:

Benam, M. et al. (2022). Seshat Data: Equinox Packaged Data (1.0) [Data set]. Zenodo.

Turchin P. et al. 2015. Seshat: The Global History Databank. Cliodynamics 6(1):77–107.

Turchin P. et al. 2017. Quantitative historical analysis uncovers a single dimension of complexity that structures global variation in human social organization. PNAS

The views and conclusions contained in this document are those of the authors and should not be interpreted as representing the official positions, either expressed or implied, of the Seshat Databank, its collaborative scholarly community, or the Evolution Institute.

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