Databank Progress

What areas does Seshat: Global History Databank currently cover?

Our first major set of data is derived from a representative sample of polities from around the globe. The sample is called the World Sample 30. We have since added Crete and Galilee as NGAs (natural geographic areas) and will expand our sample further in the future.

When will the data be available?

We will release the first set of social complexity data for our World Sample 30 in Spring 2017. The data will be open access.

How can I stay updated on progress with the databank?

There are a few ways to stay updated on our progress

How can I donate to Seshat: Global History Databank?

We are a project of The Evolution Institute, a registered non-profit. Every little bit counts in helping to take Seshat forward. You can donate to our efforts here.

(Note: All donations to Seshat are tax-deductible.)